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GREEEN aims to build capacities that successfully address local and regional environmental, social and educational issues/challenges.

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We want to raise environmental awareness through socially inclusive activities, and also create opportunities for direct involvement and entrepreneurial action in solving local and national challenges, and support the collaboration between school children, educators, representatives of educational institutions towards the development of cross national educational resources.

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Ecomotion: Navigating the future with green transport solutions

Ecomotion: Navigating the future with green transport solutions

Green transport, or sustainable transport refers to transportation that does not negatively affect the environment such as fossil fuels. Some examples of sustainable or green transport are taking the bus to school or work, walking, riding bicycles or scooters....

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry?

Modern society brought various bad aspects, such as pollution, plastic, diseases and even food waste. When we think about food, we think about people having at least a meal each day. But studies around the world show that there are regions where food is a luxury....

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