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GREEEN aims to build capacities that successfully address local and regional environmental, social and educational issues/challenges.

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We want to raise environmental awareness through socially inclusive activities, and also create opportunities for direct involvement and entrepreneurial action in solving local and national challenges, and support the collaboration between school children, educators, representatives of educational institutions towards the development of cross national educational resources.

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An original project against food waste – Savables

An original project against food waste – Savables

It is known that 6,000 tons of food are thrown away every single day in Romania and nearly half comes from the restaurants. In the following paragraphs, we have chosen to present a unique Romanian project, called Savables, where the main aim is to reduce food waste by...

Composting can reduce our impact on the planet

Composting can reduce our impact on the planet

We create food waste every day. The largest amount of this waste is vegetable and fruit peels, grass, leaves, etc. If this waste is thrown into landfills, it will rot, and harmful gases (methane and carbon dioxide) are released, which are the main cause of global...

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