At risk 109 specific food products from Sicily

by Dec 14, 2023blog

How is it possible that in a few years typical products can disappear? Whose fault is it?

The right answer is climate change. The BonusFinder Italy team conducted a study that looked at all regions of Italy (and thus Sicily as well) and identified which food products might be at risk of extinction due to the effects of climate change.The data found is really worrying, Sicily is high on the list of Italian regions that will be most affected by the effects caused by climate change.

According to the data, by 2040 Sicily is expected to have a temperature increase of 0.79 degrees with average rainfall decreasing by 0.35 millimeters, in an island that already feels a shortage of rain during the summer. These changes could have an impact on animal husbandry and cheese production but also other agronomic products.

I.I.S. “Danilo Dolci” Partinico