by Jun 25, 2023blog

The reasons why food is thrown away are innumerable, but often very little sense. Food waste is a useless waste of resources, energy and money.

Waste in the kitchen:
When we talk about food waste in the usual sense, we mean the accumulation and/or preparation of food in excessive quantities, which are then not consumed.

This phenomenon has been taking place in recent years due to the abundance, accessibility and cheapness of food, but very often also due to the lack of awareness and the loss of perception of the value of food.Food waste mainly affects the richest and most developed countries which can afford it.

How can we avoid it?
You can use applications such as ToGooodToGo, where there are restaurants, bars and shops that join and offer food close to expiry and at a reduced price.

You should try to calculated grocery shopping, buy only the things you need, trying to make the weekly menu so you can prevent the risk that the food you bought will go bad.

I.I.S. “Danilo Dolci” Partinico, IV D