International day of clean air for blue skies

by Sep 19, 2023blog

International Clean Air Day, which is celebrated on September 7th every year, is a day dedicated to awareness of the importance of maintaining clean air and the fight against pollution of the air we breathe. In the following few points, we will explore the significance of this day and its impact in protecting our environment.

How did the celebration of this day come about?

First introduced by the United Nations in 2019. This initiative was created with a clear purpose. Official commemorations of the second International Day of Clean Air for blue skies will take place in Nairobi, New York, and Bangkok.

Why is clean air important?

Clean air is essential for the health of all living organisms on Earth. Polluted air can cause serious health problems, including respiratory disease, heart disease and an increase in the number of diseases in humans. In addition, polluted air leaves a negative impact on nature, damaging the natural environment and ecosystems.

How do we get involved?

September 7th is not only a day for world awareness, but also an opportunity for each of us to contribute to air protection. Some of the ways we can contribute include:

• Recycling and use of organic food

  • Educational workshops and educational programs

• Protection of green squares and forests

• Avoiding the use of plastic products

• Informing and raising awareness of others about the importance of clean air

  • Strengthening laws and standards
  • Tackling climate pollutants
  • Improving fuel efficiency
  • Minimizing emissions from waste
  • Monitoring air quality
  • Reducing vehicle emissions
  • Supporting electric mobility

In summary, the International Day for Clean Air for Blue Skies is an initiative aimed at raising awareness, highlighting the interconnectedness of air quality with other challenges, promoting solutions, and fostering collaboration to improve air quality and its associated benefits for health, the economy, and the environment. It serves as a reminder of the importance of clean air for a sustainable and healthy future.

With the motto “For clean air and a healthy environment”, this day reminds us to act responsibly and take care of our air, our health and our planet.

The fourth annual International Clean Air Day for Blue Skies, Together for Clean Air, highlights the need for partnerships, investments and accountability in the fight against air pollution. Pollution affects people’s health and ecosystems, and we all have a responsibility to protect air. Co-operation with the UN, development organisations, the private sector and civil society is key. We can all benefit from clean air and a healthy environment. Today, September 7th, we call on everyone from governments and corporations to civil society and individuals to unite #ForCleanAirTogether.

We as a school provide activities during school hours to help students be more actively involved in activities and help the environment. Usually during classes that involve such activities we go into our school garden and help each other out and our planet as well.

Students from the second year of the school “Dimitrija Chupovski” – Veles, Macedonia