Is your life GREEN?

by Jun 6, 2023blog

In the modern world, it has become very important for most people to take up a new life, an eco-friendly way of leaving, because day by day and generation by generation we understand that all our actions cand destroy the environment.
But what can be done? How can we adopt a green life?
It’s easy. Sustainable habits can be the answer because they offer us the chance to protect our Mother Nature, to be friends with everything around us.

What can I do?
There are a lot of simple steps to follow in order to built sustainable habits.
1. Think twice before shopping! Don’t waste your money on useless groceries or clothes. Fashion is a huge source of pollution, so try to upcycle your favourite T-shirt or use the leftovers from your dinner to save some money.
2. Go Plastic free! Instead of buying plastic containers or bottles, use glass containers because you protect the environment. Plastic is not biodegradable and it can take up to 800 years to destroy it, it you throw it in the waters or in the forest.
3. Don’t waste water! This vital element is running out in some parts of the world, so when you brush your teeth and leave your tap water on, remember that in Africa there are families that don’t have water to drink or wash their clothes.
4. Drive less! Cars are a huge source of pollution. It is true that they are useful, but at the same time they destroy our environment, the air that we breathe very second of our lives. Start walking or use your bike when you need to go to somewhere close to your house. You can also use the public transport or even the train, because small steps can make big changes over the years.
5. Green your home! How? Simple… start recycling your garbage, plant your own vegetable garden (if you have enough space) or buy from locals. Use less electricity, don’t waste water having long baths or showers.

Although it seems to be difficult, it isn’t. Building sustainable habits takes time, but if you make them part of your life, then it is piece of cake!
Remember! You can be a role model for future generations and even though you think you are “just a simple person”, you are not just that, You are the change for a better world!

6th grade from the “Minerva Alexandrescu” Secondary School, Şoimari, Prahova, Romania