Not everything is what you expect!

by May 2, 2023blog


Many think that by buying an electric car they can reduce the pollution of the planet compared to traditional cars.

Electric cars pollute less from an atmospheric point of view, emitting about 75g/km which is equivalent to about 69% less than a car with a diesel engine. In addition, recharging an electric car costs on average much less, around €4, than the current prices of petrol or diesel.

As we have deduced from an interview with the Toyota manufacturer made to Akio Toyoda: battery electric vehicles are more polluting than petrol vehicles due to the production of electricity, still strongly linked to fossil fuels, which produces harmful emissions, thus debunking the myth of electric cars as ‘carbon neutral’ vehicles.

As seen from numerous researches, even disposing of an electric car battery causes a lot of damage to the soil. Given that the disposal of batteries is not environmentally friendly, given the costs that make them less accessible.

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