by Jul 31, 2023blog

What is plastic and why is it here? 

In 1862 Alexander Parkes introduced the first ever plastic and it was held at the London International Exhibition.  The new material was named Parksine in the name of Alexander Parkes, and it was then marketed as an alternative to Ivory and horn leading to a decrease in elephant poaching. The world had a crisis that stemmed the love for billiard, alas to create the billiard balls ivory was used to create high quality balls and in every batch of balls, it is estimated that at least two elephants had to die for their tusks. In theory the invention of plastic was to avoid environmental disaster because then plastic was used instead of ivory and tusks.

Plastic pollution

As written above, plastic was invented to avoid environmental disaster but it has now done the opposite and is the cause of disaster. Plastic pollution has affected and altered the growth of natural habitats and natural processes, reducing ecosystems chance and the ability to adapt to climate change and therefore affecting peoples’ and animals’ livelihoods drastically. Furthermore plastic is destroying social wellbeing and food production capabilities. 

How do we stop plastic pollution?

How do we stop this you ask? Well start of by small steps such as saying goodbye to plastic bottles try using carton or glass.

Having a recycling bin around you, would take you up another level. Being aware helps too, you having a recycling bin doesn’t mean that you can use all the plastic you want! You have to try to keep plastic usage down. Another way to recycle is to segregate waste and then recycle.

Organising beach, river and forest clean-ups helps amazingly. So stay aware and inform relatives and friends to help too!

(By a F1 pupil in Foley’s School)