The summer of wildfires in Sicily

by Sep 7, 2023blog

Hot summer but not only because of the heat but also because of the numerous fires

Like every summer or maybe more we have had so many fires especially in Palermo and its province.

Unfortunately, year after year these events occur more and more frequently causing enormous damage, this year even people have lost their lives and all this is the fault of the pyromaniacs.

What is being burned and when?Hand of the pyromaniacs causes fires during days when weather forecasts strong wind, so fire becomes more devastating and very difficult to control and extinguish.

The forests involved are largely Mediterranean scrub and ilex (63%) and areas covered with coniferous forests and reforestations (20%).

89% of the areas burned to date are in Sicily (72%) and Calabria (17%). The provinces with the largest area affected by fires are: Palermo (over 15800 ha, 20% of which are forests), Reggio Calabria (over 8500 ha, 17% forests), Messina (over 5300 ha, 19% forests), and Syracuse (over 4300 ha, 23% forests).

The number of protected natural areas with forest ecosystems affected by fire is also increasing. The most affected protected areas are in the province of Palermo (7), Caltanissetta (7), Syracuse (3) and in the province of Agrigento (3) all of them are in Sicily.

The damage caused affects all of us, the anger of so many citizens has become enormous trying to create a group that could change something, helping out during crisis situations as volunteers, but also protesting until the law changes and these events disappear.