Water pollution – what can we do?

by Oct 15, 2023blog

Air, Sun, Water…. The three most important elements of our lives. 

We breathe from the first second of our lives, we need sun for vitamin D and for plants to grow and we need water to hydrate our bodies. 

All around us there is something that has water in it, but unfortunately fewer and fewer people are aware of the quality of water. 

Modern technology have a huge negative impact on our water supplies. Without realising, throwing garbage in the rivers and seas can kill millions of fish and also, we can get sick. 

Water pollution can destroy our health because we take a lot of chemicals into our bodies and the effects are very dangerous after a short period of time. 

Moreover, water pollution can affect the environment. Trees can die and our food from all the plants we grow can lack the minerals we need which can have a negative impact on all humans and animals. 

What can we do? Following baby steps, we can start by not throwing all the residues and garbage in the waters. It is a very simple action, but with a huge positive imp in the world and for the future generations. 

10th Grade from Technological High School of Services “Sfântul Apostol Andrei” Ploiesti Romania