SOS – the water supply is running out

by Mar 30, 2023blog

Have you ever thought about how would your life be without water? Of course not. When this vital source is offered to us all the time, it is nearly impossible to imagine that we can ever run out of it. And despite this way of thinking, there are deserted regions where water is a luxury. Regarding this, today, when we celebrate World Water Day, it’s time to think about it and take action.

Why water?
Water is one of the most important elements in our lives and without it we couldn’t survive not even a month. We are surrounded by water in all its forms: rivers, seas, oceans, lakes, ice, rain etc. It is used for multiple purposes, such as cooking, cleaning, washing, farming, hydrating etc. Water is odorless and tasteless because its main objective is to hydrate every tiny cell inside our bodies, but what happens when this is not good for drinking?
Unfortunately, water pollution is a huge problem for the 21st century. There are plenty of pollution causes, such as chemical industry, maritime accidents with oil spills, trash, bacteria. The entire world is overcrowded and we have to take care of it in order to offer our next generations a better future.

What should we do?
In order to keep our water sources clean, people should take actions and protect the environment. Children from an early age should learn how to save and protect every drop of water. Simple things as taking short showers instead of long baths can make a huge difference over time. Let’s be honest…Do you turn off the water tap when you brush your teeth every morning or before going to bed? If your answer is no, then you have to think twice, because, while you are wasting it, there are countries in Africa where water is more precious than petroleum.

Another simple thing we can do to change our behavior is to pay attention to our cleaning products. For example, do not pour the cooking oil or any other chemical into the drainage system because all these go to rivers, then to seas and oceans and in the end they can kill all kinds of fishes or aquatic plants.
To sum up, enjoy water for eating, drinking, cleaning, swimming, but just remember to use it wisely because water pollution is modern life enemy.

6th grade from the “Minerva Alexandrescu” Secondary School, Şoimari, Prahova, Romania