A plastic free life

by Nov 14, 2023blog

Plastic is one of the most common materials in the world. We can’t make it a day without using it, because it is flexible, light and durable.
But it has a big minus: it is the main source of pollution. Today less than 10% from the amount of plastic is recycled and it can take hundreds of years for it to disappear.
What can we do? How can we make our lives plastic free?
Using baby steps, we can start by buying in bulk so we can reduce small plastic packages.
Another idea is that we can avoid buying plastic bags when we go shopping. Use reusable bags made from fabrics, because they last longer and at the same time you save some money.
Moreover, buy a reusable bottle or cup. Don’t buy coffee or water from the local shop. Make your own coffee at home and use your travel mug. Take your reusable bottle and just fill it from the fountain every time you need it.
If you like competition, then start a challenge with your friends. A day, a week, a month or even a year without plastic containers. It seems impossible at first, but you can get used to it easily, because you know that you can protect the environment for future generations and at the same time you can save more money on groceries.
Nevertheless, try to recycle as much as possible and separate your garbage every time.
A plastic free life can start today and it depends on you.

10th Grade from Technological High School of Services “Sfântul Apostol Andrei” Ploiesti Romania