Can you breathe?

by Jun 1, 2023blog

Imagine this….you are at the mountains admiring the view. You enjoy every moment of it, but now open your eyes. Do you like the reality? Do you like what you see?
Unfortunately, air pollution is one of the biggest issues of our modern world. We like change, we like what makes our lives easier, but we can’t see how dangerous is everything for our Mother Nature.
What is air pollution?
Air pollution is a combination of chemicals in the air that can harm people, animals, plants and even buildings.
Air pollution&is created by people due to the emissions&from factories, cars or planes. Another source of air pollution is the smoke&from&wildfires&or ash from&volcanoes, occur naturally. Big cities have higher levels of air pollution because these&emissions&are&concentrated. In some cities we can find a different type of pollution, called “smog”. The word “smog” comes from combining the words “smoke” and fog.” This&air pollution&often appears as a cloud making the air murky. According to the&World Health Organization (WHO), some of the worlds most
polluted cities are Karachi, Pakistan; New Delhi, India; Beijing, China; Lima, Peru; and Cairo, Egypt.
How can air pollution affect humans?
The most common effects are illnesses such as asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis. Other symptoms which may be identified are: headaches, sore throat, red eyes and nose, dizziness and nausea. The most dangerous effects on humans are heart diseases, lung cancer or emphysema.
How can air pollution affect the environment?
Like people, animals and plants, entire&ecosystems&can suffer effects from&air pollution.&This can kill&crops, young trees and other plants. Also, air pollution creates acid rain which damages plants by changing&soil composition,&degrades&water quality in rivers, lakes and streams, damages&crops and can cause buildings and monuments to&decay.
What can we do?
Although it seems to be very late for our planet to be saved, it is our duty to fight against pollution if we want to live longer and in a cleaner world. Instead of using the plane for short distances, take the train or even your bike. Don’t burn plastic and avoid promoting factories’ activities, because the pollute a lot.
6th grade from the “Minerva Alexandrescu” Secondary School, Şoimari, Prahova, Romania