Do you want to go for a green ride?

by Oct 23, 2023blog

Known as the speed century, the 21st century also has its bad aspects. In a very developed world, people want to get to work in a blink of an eye. Using personal cars, this can be achieved easily, because this freedom of movement has grown so much. 

But how can this affect our planet? How much can cars pollute our planet?

There are lots of studies that show the fact that human kind does not think about the future. They seem to destroy the air, the environment and don’t take action. 

The good thing is that, lately, some NGOs emphasised the fact that our planet suffers from air pollution and this has bad consequences for us. 

A great solution is to use green transport. But what is this? 

All means of transport are considered “green” or “eco-friendly” if they do not pollute or harm the environment. 

For example, using electric cars can be useful because they can be charged very fast and they do not use petroleum to pollute the air. 

Another example is the bike. Although it is not as fast as the car, the bicycle can be very handy for short distances, especially when you have to avoid traffic jams. 

Nevertheless, walking can be considered the best way to get fit, stay healthy and protect the environment. Yes, we can’t compete against cars because walking is very slow, but people can relax, can enjoy the surroundings and can develop their sense of orientation. Imagine how beautiful a spring morning can be when all the trees are blooming and the birds are cheering. If you go to work by car, you can’t enjoy this, but walking can offer you a zen mood. 

So, think twice before you jump into your car and think about the future world that you must protect for future generations. 

10th Grade from Technological High School of Services “Sfântul Apostol Andrei” Ploiesti Romania