Rooted in Change: Unveiling the Local Initiatives Making a Global Impact

by Jul 20, 2023blog

By Stitched

What are habits?

Are habits just a tendency? Or are they just regular practice? Surely we would all agree that habits are simply hard to give up! Wouldn’t it then be amazing if we could nurture habits that build our past, cater to our present and most importantly SUSTAIN our future. 

Hovering over

With expanding societies, perpetual change and expansion, some people might believe that implementing sustainable habits sounds like a mammoth master plan. However, if we make a slight shift in our mindset and routines, which are also basically a form of our existing habits, imbibing “Sustainable habits” is so simple and actually very easy to incorporate within our daily lives. They just involve ‘Small changes to make Bigger impacts’.

‘Small Changes, Bigger impacts’

By making small changes in our daily lives; from not wasting food and running water; going green; to rainwater harvesting; and effective use of energy efficient devices; to our 5R’s -Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle our waste. The changes are so small and simple and methods endless! It is now imperative for us all to wake up and build habits in our daily routines which will reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve our environment and planet for the millenniums to come.

The Earth has always been there for us…are we there for Earth?

We need to reduce our needs and recycle our existing means.

These were the thoughts which motivated us in ‘Stitched’ to promote an idea of Recycling, Reusing and most important of all Repurposing common household items, to reduce the fashion industry’s high carbon emissions by reusing old fabrics and clothes whilst repurposing common household items in order to create a custom plush of choice.

We started this company in December of 2022 when we conducted research that many charity shops here in Cyprus would throw away clothes that were stained or had slight rips.

Looking at various charity shops, it came to our attention that this amounted to huge wasting of material that could be prevented if only the material had a use. This is where we come in. As for now, we collaborate with one of the main charity boutiques here in Limassol, ‘Right here charity boutique, a charity shop that made by the wellspring foundation for supporting women who are victims of trafficking by giving them shelter and providing them with food.

This was the ‘Stitched’ way of not only fulfilling the dreams of little children; but also, our endeavour of setting an example to get our future generation thinking about building their own sustainable habits.