Liquid crisis: the fight against water pollution

by Nov 6, 2023blog

When most of us think of water, we think of it as a clear, clean substance that is necessary to sustain life. Well, not all of us are privileged enough to think about it that way. Water pollution is not only murky water but can also be polluted by microplastics which are present in both bottled and tap water. A recent study has shown that 325 plastic particles were found in a liter of bottled water, as compared to 5.5 plastic particles per liter of tap water. In the following years l don’t think any of us will be privileged enough to say that the water we consume is 100% clean, not even now. People are not familiar with, and don’t want to acknowledge how water pollution a huge issue truly is, since water is one substance we cannot replace, not only humans, but also animals and plants need it to survive. The quality of water is the quality of life.

From the students of SSOU Kole Nedelkovski – Veles , North Macedonia.