Are you hungry?

by Nov 28, 2023blog

Modern society brought various bad aspects, such as pollution, plastic, diseases and even food waste.

When we think about food, we think about people having at least a meal each day. But studies around the world show that there are regions where food is a luxury. Regarding this, why don’t we appreciate food more? Why do people throw it?

Food waste is seen as a disrespect for those who suffer. While someone is throwing his soup or vegetables into the garbage, others go to sleep being hungry for days.

In order to prevent food waste, people should educate children to appreciate more every bite of food. Here are some interesting and easy methods to fight against food waste:

1. Plan your meals every week. In this way you buy only what you need and you can save money.

2. Reduce your portions. When you put food on your plate, try to put small portions and if you still feel hungry, add more.

3. “Recycle”. For example, if you have some extra pieces of fruit, you can make a pie. From vegetables, you can prepare a salad or a stew. From grilled chicken leftovers, you can make comfort food, such as a steamy pasta Alfredo. Yummy!

4. Pack you lunch! Eat what you like and what is healthy for you and in this way you don’t throw it. Think about it. You buy this food and wasting your food means wasting your money.

5. Forget about snacks. Chips, pretzels, candies harm your digestion and “destroy” your appetite. If you eat all the time, then you will feel full and you won’t eat your dinner or lunch.

Reducing food waste isn’t easy, but it is not impossible either. It depends on us to create a new mentality for future generations and to teach them to appreciate it, because we eat to survive, not survive to eat.

10th Grade from Technological High School of Services “Sfântul Apostol Andrei” Ploiesti Romania