by Jan 25, 2024blog

People know what’s happen?

Every year, during carnival parades in the streets and in public places confetti is thrown by adults and children also from the papier-mâché wagons.People throw also streamers, colored foams and there is loud music; all this creates noise pollution and environment pollution.

During carnival parades people have fun and do not think or do not reflect on what they leave in the streets or what they cause to the environment. Also, atmospheric agents cause water pollution in cities through winds and rains that carry residues of carnival parades from one place to another. Carnival is usually seen as a joyful occasion, but its background is not cheerful.

Carnival confetti, streamers, colored foams pollute and degrade the environment, flora and fauna. Is it worth it? It would be appropriate and advisable to use biodegradable substances.

I.I.S. “Danilo Dolci” Partinico