Public assembly No more fires Palermo

by Jan 4, 2024blog

In the past year, a city initiative was born to address the social, environmental and political aspects of this emergency.

In recent months, our region (Sicily) has been hit by numerous fires that have destroyed thousands of hectares of land, causing irreparable damage to our flora and fauna. These fires have had a devastating impact on our community, threatening our safety, our economy and our cultural heritage.

Citizens united with the same idea have made various demonstrations clarifying :

It is our duty as Sicilian citizens to unite and stand up against this catastrophe. We must make our voices heard and ask the competent authorities to do more to prevent and fight fires. It is essential that an effective prevention plan be put in place, including constant surveillance of the territory, environmental education and severe penalties for those who cause arson.
It is urgent that the authorities take concrete measures, we demand answers! we demand that those in charge take responsibility for what has just happened!

I.I.S. “Danilo Dolci” Partinico