The Willow Project threatens planet Earth

by Mar 14, 2023blog

Climate changes, the world has been changing for a while now, however we only noticed a few decades ago. We have been polluting the earth ever since adapted to a “better” modern way of life. The Willow Project is one of the many ways we are threatening the earth, the animals, entire ecosystems and ourselves. The Willow Project a plan thought out by the US government to sell Alaska for oil drilling. Alaska is already damaged by us enough as it is, this will take a catastrophic toll on it’s decline. The Willow Project has not been approved yet, however just when we thought all hope is lost, there is a petition you can sign, and or donate to stop The Willow Project. It is not certain that this will stop it, however the government might take into consideration the amount of people that are against and have signed it, we as ordinary citizens even if you aren’t a citizen of the United States can only do so much of course however we should help the environment in every way we can. Think about it, by the time you finish reading this article, tons and tons of snow have already melted in Alaska, which is not natural and the temperature of Alaska is slowly but surely getting higher every season. Many people will say that they don’t care because it “won’t affect them”, but oh yes it will, see the problem is that people realize the truth about global warming too late, especially older generations like boomers, because in their time the earth wasn’t as polluted, people had less cars, less electronic devices etc. and they believe nothing has changed. The animals in Alaska are starving and its not just polar bears, if they go through with The Willow Project other species such as puffins, orcas, seals and many other species can also become more endangered really quickly. Here are just a few facts about The Willow Project, it will release about 278 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, if you don’t know that’s the same as driving 2 million cars in a span of three decades. So if you want to preserve our planet, because either way you have to become we don’t have another one, don’t litter, don’t throw trash in bodies of water, don’t harm animals and always remember that you are a quest in this world, on this planet. Help save planet earth! Help save mother nature!

Written by: Teadora Andovska

Class: 3-8

School: SSOU “Kole Nedelkovski” – Veles