Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Foley’s Sustainable Wonderland

by Dec 28, 2023blog

It’s the season to be jolly, but also to be mindful of our planet! Foley’s School is transforming this Christmas into a sustainable wonderland, proving that festive cheer and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

In the spirit of reducing plastic waste, Foley’s is launching a campaign that encourages pupils to rethink Christmas decorations. The jingle bells are ringing, not just for joy but for the Foley’s Campaign on Upcycling Christmas Ornaments. Our pupils, from the tiniest tots to the tallest teens, are getting into the groove of reusing and reducing. It’s a festive fiesta that’s both planet-friendly and playful!

This year, Foley’s has taken the road less traveled by opting for an alternative Christmas tree. Move over traditional firs; our tree stands tall, or should we say rolls along, made entirely of old tyres! It’s not just about reducing, it’s about reinventing. Foley’s pupils collaborated across the entire school to craft a masterpiece that turns discarded tyres into a symbol of creativity and responsibility.

But that’s not all—lights, ornaments, and the joy of teamwork! Foley’s pupils are not just crafting decorations; they’re creating memories. The halls are filled with laughter and the hum of creativity as pupils turn old materials into festive treasures. The school is buzzing with activity as they film a video to capture the magic and spread the word about sustainable celebrations.

Why upcycling? It’s not just about being eco-friendly; it’s an opportunity for everyone to unleash their inner artist. Our pupils are proving that being responsible doesn’t mean compromising on creativity. It’s a win-win for the planet and the soul.

As we revel in this sustainable wonderland, let’s not forget to share the spirit. Here are some tips for a Foley’s-style, sustainable Christmas:

  1. Deck the Halls Responsibly: Choose decorations made from sustainable materials or make your own from items lying around the house.
  2. Gifts with a Twist: Opt for gifts that are thoughtful and have a lower environmental impact. DIY gifts, experiences, or items made from recycled materials make for wonderful presents.
  3. Wrap It Right: Skip the glossy, non-recyclable wrapping paper. Go for reusable fabric, newspapers, or even old maps to wrap your gifts.
  4. Mindful Munching: Plan your festive feast with local, seasonal, and organic ingredients. Minimise food waste by sharing leftovers and composting.
  5. Green Gifting: Encourage family and friends to join in the green spirit. Share the joy of sustainable celebrations!

At Foley’s, we’re dreaming of a green Christmas—one where joy knows no bounds and our planet smiles a little brighter. Join us in this festive journey towards a more sustainable and responsible holiday season!