by Feb 6, 2024blog

In 2007, a new friendly environmental event started around the world. It is called EARTH HOUR and it is celebrated every year on March, 23rd. Foor one hour, people and institutions are encouraged to switch off their lights to show symbolic support for the planet and to make people aware of the fact that there are a lot of environmental issues that need to be solved as soon as possible.

This event gathers more and more participants every year and this is excellent, because this means that they become aware of the fact that our plant is suffering. Did you know that scientists confirmed that by 2030, the global temperature will increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius? This means that we are facing serios climate changes and in order to stop this, we, the entire human kind, must take actions. One hour doesn’t seem much, but it is the beginning of a new habit. For example, maybe next time you are at home during the day, you won’t turn the lights on and you can enjoy the daylight. At night, try to use bee was candles, because who needs the lights on when you are watching a movie? Or think twice when you fill the tub to have a long relaxing bubble bath. Take a quick shower instead and the planet will thank you later.

We hope we have convinced you to join this annual event, because future generations can follow the example and become more aware of what is happening around us.

10th grade from Technological High School of Services “Sfântul Apostol Andrei” Ploiesti