Bio waste – (Re)Shaping our tomorrow

by Feb 7, 2024blog

“Bio-technology in my world – Experiential Learning Program”

A workshop was held in our school, as part of the program “Bio-technology in my world – Program for experiential learning” which is implemented in partnership by UNICEF, UNDP, Center for Vocational Education and Training and Association Center for Environmental Resources (REC) – Northern Macedonia Skopje. Our school was a regional center for training students due to the well-equipped laboratories that we own.At the workshop, nine experiments were performed with our students and students from secondary schools from Negotino and Kavadarci, with the help of the mobile Biotechnology laboratory and professors from the Faculty of Technology from Skopje.Simple experiments through which products can be obtained that can be used again. So, from bio-waste that costs zero denars to get a product that will get a certain price on the market.Some of the exercises showed how to make an edible biofilm from banana peels, how to extract pectin from apple peels, how to obtain essential oils from citrus peels by the distillation process, how to obtain biodiesel from sesame oil, how to get pellets for burning from dry residues of coffee, herbs, etc.The goal is to preserve the environment by applying bio-technology in everyday life and to find a practical application for every citizen.The main goal of the project is to strengthen the skills of teachers and students from secondary vocational schools where the chemical-technological profession and the agricultural-veterinary profession are represented, for a more successful integration of contents for the application of bio-waste in a biotechnological laboratory. The focus of the project is the development of a Teacher’s Manual, which will contain lesson scenarios with experiments on the conversion of bio-waste and will be fully supported by a video recording.In addition to practical laboratory experiments, sessions were also held for the students to develop a business plan for the use of bio-waste.

Students from SSOU “Dimitrija Chupovski” – Veles,North Macedonia