Every drop creates an ocean – Local initiatives

by Apr 5, 2023blog

It is know that in life people should be patient and determined if they want to succeed. But what if they guide all this patience and determination towards creating useful activities which can be useful and meaningful for the entire world?

More and more, we hear on TV or read in the newspaper about important actions which made a huge impact on our environment. Unfortunately, after a while, people forget about them because they are not promoted well enough.

Here, we are going to give a chance to the unknown, unpromoted events which made an impact on our mentality and behaviour, but were not as exposed as others.

Let’s do it, Romania!

This is one of the biggest Romanian initiatives. Usually, for one day in September, all the people around the country gather in various places (forests, rivers, mountains, lakes etc) and clean up all the garbage which was thrown by uncivilized people. This action has a big impact, because it promotes civic education and respect towards our Mother Nature.

Don’t waste it!

Last year we had a very interesting initiative in our local area. The municipality wanted to encourage recycling and they created a partnership with a big supermarket. For every plastic/glass bottle or metal container, every person would receive a voucher for future discounts while doing shopping in the local supermarket. This activity is a true success because, even though all people are interested in the discounts, they do good for nature without realizing it.

So? What do you think? Have we convinced you to star doing a change in your daily activities in order to protect the environment? If your answer is yes, then congratulation. Keep going and remember that drop by drop we can make an ocean. If your answer is still know, then close your eyes and imagine a world without animals, plants, water. Do you like it? If not, then take action! Our entire world can be our legacy for future generations and we need to take care of it.     

6th grade from the “Minerva Alexandrescu” Secondary School, Şoimari, Prahova, Romania