Sustainable Easter-how to be green during the holidays

by Apr 6, 2023blog

With the arrival of the holidays we often forget sustainability, we offer you the solution-here is a super delicious anti-waste recipe. To this idea we arrived by following one of The 7 WWF tips for a sustainable Easter

How to use leftover Easter(chocolate) eggs? Make a chocolate salami, here’s the recipe:


150 g – dark chocolate (white or milk)eggs
40 g – sunflower seed oil
40 gr – soy milk
150 gr – leftover dry cookies
1 tablespoon bitter cocoa powder
powdered sugar


First, we melt the chocolate pieces from the leftover Easter eggs in a water bath, after which we add the soy milk and sunflower oil. Once everything is mixed together, we break up the dry cookies and add them to the dough with the unsweetened cocoa. We pour this dough onto a sheet of baking paper and, rolling it up, create the elongated shape, making sure to close the candy ends. Now we are ready to put it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Finally, we cut it into slices and add powdered sugar.

Enjoy it and have a happy holiday season!