How close can you bare a bear?

by Jul 6, 2022blog

Have you ever wondered how fast can you run while taking out the trash? Well, a hungry bear can reach even 56 km/h.

Trash bears

Brașov is a big city in the middle of Romania and it is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. The statistics show that Brașov is one of the most deforested region in our country. The forests occupy over 29% of the country’s surface and 52% are in the mountains. Nowadays, Romania is exporting 19.792 thousand m³ with a worth about 1.63 billions euro.

Suffering woods

Living in Brașov is quite exciting because you can make new friends even when you take out the trash, the bears. Because of the intensive deforestation, wild creatures are losing their homes, so they often visit the closest cities such as ours. According to deforestation is a major global problem, leading to biodiversity loss, climate change and poverty. In our country the main reasons of cutting the forests are production of commodities such as furniture or for heating purposes. Many foreign investors come to our country, cut the trees and sell the woods to produce high quality furniture for great money. Despite of these illegal activities the laws are really permissive and our mountains are getting balder and balder.

You might ask what can we do to stop this. We suggest putting more pressure on our politicians to convince them to strengthen the public policy regarding the deforestation laws, raising awareness by educating our relatives and friends, regarding the problem under discussion. In critical cases, anyone can use the mobile application INSPECTORUL PADURII (The forest inspector) in order to check if a truck carrying wood has the proper authorization by searching his license plate.