Ohrid pearls.

by Jul 6, 2022blog

Queen Elisabeth is shocked… How long will she be able to enrich her jewellery collection???

Natural pearls last 150 years, but the Ohrid pearls last forever. – say the locals from Ohrid.

Ohrid pearls are hand made art. The base is taken by scrubbing the inside of Ohrid shells, and the outside is covered with the blade of fish Plashica (Alburns alburns)– which is an endemic species of Ohrid lake.

For this national heritage to be sustainable, on the long run, what is needed is clean water in Ohrid lake.

Pollution in Ohrid lake

Agricultural climate change, toxic contaminant are mostly common pollutants in this lake. Green algae are the pointer of increased toxic chemicals in this lake. This is a danger for the Ohrid pearl.

We still have a opportunity to choose if women around the world would have this unique jewellery. Even one of the most powerful women in the world in 2001 has had the chance to be gifted these glamorous pearls- Queen Elisabeth the Second.

Will we allow to lose our rare heritage with our unconscionability?