Resolving environmental issues on soil protection

by Oct 17, 2023blog

Soil pollution is a global problem which affects all living creatures on our planet. So, this raises the question: What is soil pollution?”. Soil pollution is defined as the presence of toxic chemicals (pollutants or contaminants) in soil, in high enough concentrations to pose a risk to human health and/or the ecosystem. Like in the other countries in the world this problem can be detected in Macedonia as well.It consists of pollutants and contaminants. As with the many other problems that have arisen in recent years such as: global warming, water pollution, air pollution etc. Humans mainly cause soil pollution. So, the main pollutants are some biological agents and some of human activities. Soil contaminants are all products of soil pollutants that contaminate the soil. The soil can be polluted by humans with chemicals (biological agents or agricultural products), urban or industrial waste or radioactive emission. In Macedonia, the soil is mainly polluted by chemicals or urban or industrial waste because there are no radioactive emissions nearby. For many years the Macedonian government has had a problem with the correct disposal of industrial waste, the waste was incorrectly disposed of which not only caused soil pollution, but air pollution as well. These days the industrial waste problem has been partly resolved, but it has left some permanent consequences. Also, Macedonia was the 15-th most polluted country in the world in 2018, the soil pollution is directly expressed by the air pollution because with the various weather phenomena everything that is in the air gets to the soil. We interviewed a professor in our school that teaches agriculture, he thinks that even though soil pollution is an active problem in Macedonia the Macedonian government acts into resolving it and hopes that it will be resolved soon. He says that everyone should take the right precautions to help to extinguish this problem. In our school he takes care of the plants and does not use any chemicals in the process which contributes to the lack of soil pollution in the soil in our school. In conclusion, even though soil pollution still exists with the awareness that has been raised, a lot of people are aware of the problem and are trying to extinguish it. Also, the precautions of the government and helping. We hope soon enough there won’t be such a problem anymore.

From the students at the High School Georgi Dimitrov – Skopje, North Macedonia