The IIS Danilo Dolci is different

by May 17, 2023blog

Why is the institution syddenly cleaner?

After various awerness projects aimed at the students of the Danilo Dolci Institute located in Partinico, the latter have become the protagonist of an initiative to promote separate waste collection. The initiative was born from the sad awareness of living in a dirty and unhealthy enviorment.

All the students to help make it cleaner have reorganized the school’s separate collection with special colored containers to distinguish the type of waste and invite everyone to contribute.This initiative was successfully received by the entire school community which participated in the implementation of the project; moreover it has positively sensitized the whole town which now feels more involved so as to complete the initial idea of a cleaner environment.

The aim was just that-to promote greater awareness in respect of the enviroment.

I.I.S. “Danilo Dolci” Partinico, IV D